The Fund With The Greatest Potential

A fund that invests in the crypto space, poised to capture history’s greatest new financial opportunity.

We consider every profitable opportunity presented by the crypto market. Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and NFTs.

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The crypto market moves with extreme speed, it is dynamic and ever-changing. Our fund is designed to match this fast pace of change and embrace the different forms of innovation the crypto space has to offer.

Managed by veteran traders with years of experience – in crypto market since 2013 – our funds follow the most up-to-date news to stay ahead of current trends.

Our mission prioritizes the careful calculation of risk across our operations, and assesses the projects, protocols, and exchanges we interact with to the highest degree of scrutiny.

The Poseidon Fund

This fund is allocated to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector-an emerging blockchain-based financial sector independent of centralized systems. It consists of smart contracts, permissionless applications, lending platforms, and more. It is built for all wealthy classes to enjoy.

The fund will focus on projects supported by strong fundamentals and have a proven track record of delivering value to their holders.

Poseidon Fund  operates in four sub-strategies: USD yield, BTC yield, ETH yield, Dynamic Trading Portfolio and NFTs

Dynamic Trading Portfolio

The Dynamic Trading Portfolio taps into the skills of our professional traders that have been active in the crypto space since 2013. Various assets are traded at the careful discretion of our seasoned professionals.

This strategy considers a variety of established trading techniques, including fundamental, technical, and cyclical approaches to the market.

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For Accredited Investors Only

Poseidon Fund is a registered investment Fund in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. As such, it cannot accept investments from those who do not qualify as an Accredited Investor.

    For Accredited Investors Only

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